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Case of 100 Mayday Pouch Water - WA44CS

Case of 100 Mayday Pouch Water - WA44CS

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The case of 100 Mayday emergency drinking water pouches, with a 5 year shelf life, are a necessity for survival kits and emergency preparedness supplies. Easy to store and conveniently packed in a case of 100 pouches with 1.5 liter container, the water can be dispensed quickly in an emergency situation. Purified and bacteria free, Mayday water pouches can also be used for first aid purposes. Save money by purchasing emergency water by the case for homes, businesses, schools and public facilities.

Mayday Drinking Water Features:

  • 100 - 4.225 oz. pouches.
  • Individually stamped with manufacture & expiration dates.
  • Case includes 1.5 liter water container with pour spout.
  • US Coast Guard approved.
  • Case dimensions: 17" L x 11.5" W x 7" H
  • Case weight: 28 lbs.
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