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Gas Line Pipe Size Template

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Before ordering a gas shut-off valve, you must measure the gas line that enters your home. This template has been designed to assist you. To use the template, follow the instructions below:

1. Download the template PDF file for printing. The template will look like the illustration below.

2. Cut the template out and tape the end marked "A" to your gas line.

3. Wrap the strip of paper around the gas line. Mark the exact point where the strip overlaps the end marked "A" with a pen or pencil.

4. Remove the template from your gas line and measure the distance from the edge of the template marked "A" to the mark you have made.

5. This measurement will be within 1/16" of one of the figures noted on the template, or in the chart below in the column Pipe Circumference. The corresponding number in the column Pipe Size is your gas line pipe size. Refer to this measurement when ordering a gas shut-off valve.

Gas Line Pipe Measurement Chart

Pipe Circumference
(measurement around pipe)
Pipe Size
(use to order)

Note: Do not try to measure the thickness of your gas line. Pipe sizes are based on interior, not exterior diameter measurements. Follow the above instructions to determine your size accurately.

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