Vest V3

Most popular vest, one size fits all. It can fit a teenage boy, as well as 300 lb adult. Heavy duty fabric. Best zippers. Available in Black, OD and Tan.

Only $105.00

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Underarm Holster H23

Underarm holster. Black only.

Only $21.00

Bedside Holster H21

Bedside holster for under the mattress, under sofa, under driver seat. Leather holster, with flash light holder, long anti-slip material. Two grommets for hanging on furniture next to bed.

Only $21.00

Leather Holster P22

Thick leather holster with new designed clips and belt holes, enhanced designs.

Only $15.00

Leg Holster P34

Leg Holster. Comes in Black, OD, Tan, ACU.

Only $27.00

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One Side Fit Holster P35

One Side Fit Holster P35. Comes in Black, Tan, OD.

Only $20.50

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Magnet Holster M00

Magnet holster can be installed under desk, under counter, behind doors for pistol. If a few M00 are installed together, it may hold a shot gun on the wall.

Only $21.00

Concealed Gun Carrier Bag F8-BK

Q-access concealed gun carrier can be used with right-handed and left-handed. One main pocket, and one front pocket. Adjustable waist strap, and two Q-access flaps. 16 x 6 x 4.

Only $21.00

10 Mag Holder TC12

10 Mag holder. Knife Holder bag.

Only $33.00

50 Inch Single Point Gun Sling P44

50 Inch Single Point Gun Sling.

Only $21.00

50 Round Shotgun Bandoleer G29

50 Round Shotgun Bandoleer; heavy duty with enhanced webbing.

Only $24.00

Car holster CH88

The car holster are installed nest to the steering wheel, easy to access. Modular designed iPhone pouch can be used for radio, knives, stun guns, pepper spray. Holster can be holder. Holster built with belt clip and magazine holder. 3 extra mag holder can be removed. A zipper pocket for small items, tools and coins. 2 large EVA foam will let you firmly insert to slot between driver seat and middle console. 4 elastic hooks can let you fasten organizer panel to the fixtures under the seat or pipes at the bottom of the steering wheel.

Only $84.00