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Earthquake 911 - Survive the Big One

The Big One is coming. Scientists say the southern end of the San Andreas fault hasn't experienced a significant rupture since 1690. That means Southern California is 200 years overdue for a major earthquake. Plan to survive the Big One.

What would you do if:

1) Your house is on fire after an earthquake and you can't put it out
2)A family member is injured and your phone doesn't work
3) An earthquake occurs at night and you're trapped in your house
4) There is no water on your street for weeks after the quake

Learn how to prepare for an earthquake and make your family smarter. This informative and fact-filled dvd will help you be better prepared, so you, your family, and even your pets, survive the big one.

45 minutes

Only $19.95
Help! Fire! Home Fire Safety Made Easy

Every week, we see stories in the news about people who are injured or die in fires in single family homes and apartments. These deaths are, for the most part, preventable. If you and your family are going to be safe, it's up to you to get the facts and take action.

This fun, engaging, and fact-filled DVD makes it easy to create a home fire safety plan, to know what to do when a fire breaks out, and how to safely exit the building. You'll also learn some key tips and tricks to help safeguard your loved ones against the often ignored or misunderstood issues that occur when fire breaks out.

Featuring the Los Angeles Fire Department, meet real firefighters who face danger every day and risk their lives to protect homes and people.

30 minutes.

Only $19.95
Kids Love Fire Engines

Every kid wants to know about fire engines! This fun, informative and entertaining video program will introduce your child to the wonderful world of fire engines. Meet real fire fighters and see how much they love their jobs. See very special equipment and go for a ride in a fire engine and a fire boat.

Learn about:

  • 1) A Fire Engine
  • 2) A Hook and Ladder Truck
  • 3) the World's Most Powerful Fire Boat
  • 4) A Paramedic Ambulance
  • 5) The Chief's Car
  • 6) And More...

30 minutes

Only $14.95
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